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Rafet Gazvani

Posted by Rafet Gazvani

27 October 2016

When trying to get pregnant, some women ask some of the trivial questions we’ve probably all thought at some point in our lives. Whether you’ve heard something from a friend or misread a leaflet, we’re all curious to know what’s true and what’s false about fertility. Dr Rafet Gazvani, Consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Knutsford, breaks down some of these myths and clears up the confusion we’ve undoubtedly all suffered from:

  • Sperm need a little help from gravity…

Dr Gazvani says: There’s no evidence that certain lovemaking positions, such as having a pillow under you to tilt your uterus or keeping your legs in the air afterwards, can help you get pregnant. Sperm can swim fast enough without the help of gravity – in fact, the strongest sperm can swim through the cervix and into the womb in around two minutes!

  • I had a termination when I was younger so I won’t be able to get pregnant now…

Dr Gazvani says: The main risk to fertility from a termination comes from possible infection sustained at the time. These risks are relatively minor though, and the fact that you have actually been pregnant before means you are more likely to achieve another pregnancy, so stop worrying.

  • If we need help, all of the best fertility clinics are private…

Dr Gazvani says: Wrong! The Hewitt Fertility Centre has clinics in Knutsford, Wigan, Liverpool and London. Each of our clinics offer NHS AND private treatment. We’ve also invested heavily in the very latest technologies so that we can offer them to all of our couples as part of our standard treatment package. As a result we’re now boasting success rates that are as good as the very best around the world.

  • We need to keep trying for a few years before anyone will help us…

Dr Gazvani says: There’s no set time you need to wait before you speak to your GP. Your GP can run some routine tests on you both to rule out anything obvious. If you’re a young couple under 35 and have no reason to suspect problems, (for example, no previous surgery or irregular periods), it’s reasonable to try for a year before seeking help. However, women over 35 would be well advised to seek help earlier, as chances of conception drop rapidly after 35.

  • My ovulation cycle is too short for me to get pregnant…

Dr Gazvani says: The important thing is whether you can predict when you will ovulate. You’ll ovulate about two weeks before your period starts, so count back 16 days from when your period is due to start and have sex as often as you can around that date.


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Rafet Gazvani

Author: Rafet Gazvani

Rafet has more than 25 years of experience as a health professional and is currently both a Consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at The Hewitt Fertility Centre and also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool.
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