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Andrew Drakeley

Posted by Andrew Drakeley

28 November 2016

Tonight’s edition of Panorama focuses on “Britain's Fertility Business” and will be covering how some clinics sell add-ons in the form of extra drugs, tests and treatments offered on top of standard fertility care. It will refer to a lack of evidence that these treatments improve people’s chances of having a baby despite their significant cost.

We would like to reassure all of our patients that the Hewitt Centre only provides treatments where there is sufficient evidence to justify their use. It doesn’t charge NHS or private patients for ‘add-on’ treatments, so treatments that have a good evidence base to boost a person’s chances of becoming pregnant are recommended in the initial cost.

Clinical Director, Andrew Drakeley, comments: “We would agree wholeheartedly with the need for further high quality research to determine the efficacy of some of the ‘add-ons’ which are being used in fertility clinics.

“The Hewitt Centre is already part of national multi-centre studies aiming to establish a better evidence base for new treatments, as we are always striving to be at the forefront of innovation. We also spend considerable time explaining to patients what they are paying for when they come for treatment here.”

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Andrew Drakeley

Author: Andrew Drakeley

Mr Andrew Drakeley is the Clinical Director at the Hewitt Fertility Centre, working principally at the Liverpool Women’s site but with managerial responsibility for Knutsford. He holds subspecialty accreditation in Reproductive Medicine and surgery and is a fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, being appointed Consultant in 2005.
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