Why the Hewitt Fertility Centre is the best choice for people in the Cheshire area

Rafet Gazvani

Posted by Rafet Gazvani

13 April 2018

This month’s podcast is aimed at highlighting the work that we do for patients outside of Liverpool in Cheshire, North Wales and beyond.

Our Knutsford clinic celebrated its 4th birthday recently and we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight the centre’s importance in helping people who are suffering with fertility concerns.

Joined by some of the amazing team based at the Knutsford centre, we will spend some time discussing the full extent of the clinics capabilities, why The Hewitt Fertility Centre felt that Knutsford was the right place for its sister clinic and why, for many people, they offer a more personalised and comprehensive service than some larger units in the UK.

Listen to the podcast

You can listen to the Embryology podcast via searching in your iTunes podcast library for ‘Hewitt Fertility’ or via SoundCloud here:

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Rafet Gazvani

Author: Rafet Gazvani

Rafet has more than 25 years of experience as a health professional and is currently both a Consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at The Hewitt Fertility Centre and also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool.
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